we play sounds and visuals in the most unique and amazing locations

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We love it

Making people smile is where our story begins.

Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences in the most non-mainstream locations that surround us and beyond.

Our DNA is made of perseverence, creativity and the desire to be ahed of the game and deliver positive energy through high quality events.

Alandala Events gathers, since it's creation 6 years ago, a young and creative team, eager to think outside the box. Starting with an outdoor event taking place at Casino Park in the summer of 2013, the brand developed by creating a faithful community that follows us very close and trusts our professionalism.

You love it

2013 was the debut year of Alandala concept. Starting with 1,000 enthusiastic attendees from whom we've received a very positive feedback, we noticed your thirst of diversity and evolution - something we have in common. Until today, our locations portfolio extended with 9 more: Motel Gilau, Polyvalent Hall, Baisoara, Feleacu Hills, Mallnitz, Belis, Secret Garden, Cluj Arena and BTarena's rooftop.

"every night has its own story | thanks A L A N D A L A ▼ for making our summer."

"Top Events !! The locations chosen by Alandala Events team and the atmosphere are extraordinary !!"

"Reliable organizers, top artists, excellent locations and surreal events"

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We Improve

We aim at a big development of the concept by addressing new impressive locations, strengthen our brand loyalty and increase the Alandala community.

In order to achieve our goals, we are constantly bettering ourselves and try to surprise you with live sessions, podcast from our guests, or our exclusive interviews series. From the event perspective, quality over quantity is our mantra, improving them from one edition to another, boosting their charm.Artist-wise, we do our best to invite names never before in Transylvania, aiming for a fresh sound within Alandala.

Latest Funktion-One soundsystem, led lights and video mapping projections highlight our epic locations.

We'll travel to find grounds and lake-sides and tiny hidden parks, where we'll sit and dismiss the passing time, spun in the city's web, 'til we've surrendered...