All you need to know about our first alandala of 2019

You’ve been waiting for it, haven’t you? After countless messages regarding our upcoming event, we bring great news. We kick off 2019 with alandala winter session, as usual, hosted this time on 23rd of February.

This year, the location of our winter session is one we’ve never used before, much closer to the city compared to our previous one, but still outside the city so we can enjoy the trip feeling that brings out our joy. As we’ve accustomed you, we only host parties in venues that support our events objectives, complements our brand and delivers you the “wow” factor.

In the Aroma domain, on Feleacu hills, we’ve found a stunning place with panoramic windows and a breathtaking view of the dazzling Cluj-Napoca city lights. The picture speaks for itself. The venue has a parking place, wardrobe and heated terrace on the first floor. The indoor set-up includes Funktion-One soundsystem with multiple spots of sound dispersion and a provocative LED lightning installation synchronised with the visual mapping, creating a thrilling experience.

The magic is perpetuated by some of our cherry-picked artists of the moment, in the name of Barac, Afriqua and Macarie.

Needless to say, Barac established himself as a musician with one ear for acoustic subtleties brought out by his creative side, and another for stirring groove and rhythms throughout his sets.


Afriqua is another highlight that we’re so excited to have back, his last (very memorable) time in Cluj being exactly one year ago, leaving us wanting more of his tremendous positive vibes.


We’re confidently leaving the not-easy-at-all warm-up task to Macarie, a young talented producer whose tracks are played oftenly about and DJ that proved us a lot in the past year.