alandala wear S/19 ▼ stand out from the crowd

Embrace the power of random acts of kindness. Selfless acts of kindness make someone’s moment, day or week.

This defines you. You define us. Who are you? Who are we?

Free spirits. Open-minded. Adventurous people. Willing to break the pattern and have a good time in special settings with exciting beautiful people.  

Win an alandala sweater to keep you warm this winter. To stand out. To be comfortable. To dance in the snow on your favourite alandala beats of the day. To bring with you on a chill summer night out. To hand it to a friend who’s cold. Or to loose it a rave. 

This is opportunity.

alandala collection spring 2019: it’s about standing out from the crowd.

Photo credits: Vlad Cupsa

Models: Maria & Rares