Alandala ▼ secret garden v.oo3

▼ Our dream was to have a wild untamed garden full of flowers and trees and pathways and hidden benches and maybe a flowing river. Something like a secret garden. A place where you can hear very softly chiming in, magically clear, incredibly high and sweet, the notes of fairy waves of laughter bubbling free from people’s throats. A place where the stars sigh in unison as we sing the language of the universe. And now we have this little garden, a garden of our own, and every day we water there so we can welcome you again.

So when our guests play their tunes, make sure you remember you are human. Skin and bones, veins and nerves, hair and sweat. For one moment let time dissolve and be free. You are home now.
❐ Sammy Dee
❐ Priku
❐ Mihigh

▼ Presale tickets available on sale
✔️ 30 lei – first release [limited nr 200]
🔜 45 lei – second wave [limited nr]
••• 60 lei [at venue]