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alandala guests

Ali Nasser

Ali Nasser was born in UAE, but Romania adopted him 20 years ago. The musical environment was present in his life since forever. Ali’s career bloomed in the last years, like a flower in a continuous spring time. Deep house is the name and our guy knows the deepest way around here. Ali Nasser is…


Cezar Lazăr is a name that has been known in the Romanian electronic music scene for more than a decade now. With a very fresh outlook on the world around him, especially when it comes to the music industry – his cutting edge sets are both seminal and energetic, the bond between new and old.…

howl ensemble

Howl Ensemble it’s a core of conscious improvisation; it’s free expression of two guys with a solid background and a long walk through the paths of electronic music, a need to express themselves, to speak through music.

where we party


In the Aroma domain, on Feleacu hills, we’ve found a stunning place with panoramic and breathtaking views of the dazzling Cluj-Napoca city lights. The premium indoor hall is best suited for our updated alandala winter and spring session, when the night air is still too cold for us to dance with no roof on top.…


Set among the idyllic lake and forests of Belis-Fantanele, our NYE celebration combined music for curious minds and a set up that covered your needs during the 3 days escape. Celebrating the NYE at the heart of nature is, by far, the best idea.