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alandala guests


Mathei is well known from playing at various parties at Club Midi, but also from his sets in various festivals in our country, such as Peninsula, Electric Castle Festival or Untold Festival. His style is fresh, a mixture of deep house with tech-house & techno accents. We think he’s best suitable for our outdoor parties,…


We’ve recognised in Butch an alandala side, being extremely charming and honest.  With no doubt, his interplanetary connection to the music and willingness to create out-of-the-box slabs of detailed sound made him a strong name in the international scene, and excited us for inviting him to play.  

john dimas

John Dimas is renowned for digging out hot, rare tracks, that leave even the most knowledgeable music fans scratching their heads. Hardworking, full of positive energy and a young master in the studio and on the decks, John Dimas continues to impress, building a sterling reputation around the world and marching ever forward with enthusiasm.

where we party

feleacu hills

▼ Imagine .. Cluj-Napoca in a warm sunset light, seen from a location that offers a spectacular scenery: iconic Feleac. Just 15 minutes away from downtown, this location has been too little explored so far, considering its potential. The breathtaking view, in contrast with the music that feeds the desire to live forever. Add that…

baisoara mountain

…Imagine this: a cold winter night in the heart of Transylvania. More specifically, a hotel surrounded by mountains in a ski resort, clear sky with countless stars that glimpse and snow everywhere around. Outside is freezing, the temperature is far below zero degrees, but inside… Oh, what a feeling! The fireplace creates a warm atmosphere,…