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alandala guests

Jan Blomqvist

Jan Blomqvist is a Berlin-based live electronic artist, whose signature melancholic vocals, introspective melodies and lush beats are celebrated throughout the international dance music scene. With his band he performs dance-oriented electronic pop; as a solo artist, vocal techno. He describes himself as “Emotional, honest, authentic, detailed, big-bassed, sometimes atonal, but mostly just indifferent to…

Vlad Dinu

Vlad Dinu is a remarkable producer and a colorful DJ, mixing soulful house, micro-minimalist beats and old-school sounds. He’s impressed all of us at Alandala day&night v.012, and we’re really looking forward to listening to him soon.  


Macarie is one of the new kids from the block, a restless 22 years old that could play sets around the clock with a big smile on his face. His excitement for mixing and sharing his audio thoughts is something we’ve rarely seen, an extra reason to show you more of him.  

where we party


In the Aroma domain, on Feleacu hills, we’ve found a stunning place with panoramic and breathtaking views of the dazzling Cluj-Napoca city lights. The premium indoor hall is best suited for our updated alandala winter and spring session, when the night air is still too cold for us to dance with no roof on top.…

baisoara mountain

…Imagine this: a cold winter night in the heart of Transylvania. More specifically, a hotel surrounded by mountains in a ski resort, clear sky with countless stars that glimpse and snow everywhere around. Outside is freezing, the temperature is far below zero degrees, but inside… Oh, what a feeling! The fireplace creates a warm atmosphere,…