Alandala Beats is your sound(e)scape, streaming 24/7. The app is the answer to a high demand from an audience that is passionate about electronic music: 100% music station, without interruptions, no matter if it’s Monday or Friday. Our specialty, electronic music, allows us peculiar access to the newest music, the best producers and the biggest DJ’s at the moment, including the Romanian influencers from the genre. We combined musicology, instinct, notions of professional experience and our favorite artists to create various playlists fitting any time of the day: something to get you energized in the morning & put you in a good mood, going further with more delicate tracks, the type that make you smile from time to time while you’re at work, and at night we sort of get the party started. Alandala beats brings you summer vibes whatever the season is. We’re going to explore various musical areas, from deep house to techno, without leaving behind the minimalist sounds. A different underground space to enjoy both unreleased & finest releases of committed artists. Our vision of Alandala Sounds.

It’s our goal to spread the Alandala spirit throughout the world. A second version of the app is in progress, stay tuned!