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alandala guests


Golan is a three piece band based in Bucharest, Romania. Alex, Mihai and Ernesto’s different backgrounds and skills combine in a unique blend of eclectic harmonies. Using live instruments, sampling and DJing, the trio brings a much needed human touch to today’s electronic music. Their sound is melodic and dreamy while at the same time…

vlad bretan

Vlad Bretan is a very appreciated DJ and producer of ours, our favorite pick for daytime parties on the rooftop of central park. His playful taste and documented music library spices up our gathering everytime, leaving us wanting more.


We’ve recognised in Butch an alandala side, being extremely charming and honest.  With no doubt, his interplanetary connection to the music and willingness to create out-of-the-box slabs of detailed sound made him a strong name in the international scene, and excited us for inviting him to play.  

where we party

feleacu hills

▼ Imagine .. Cluj-Napoca in a warm sunset light, seen from a location that offers a spectacular scenery: iconic Feleac. Just 15 minutes away from downtown, this location has been too little explored so far, considering its potential. The breathtaking view, in contrast with the music that feeds the desire to live forever. Add that…


Set among the idyllic lake and forests of Belis-Fantanele, our NYE celebration combined music for curious minds and a set up that covered your needs during the 3 days escape. Celebrating the NYE at the heart of nature is, by far, the best idea.